Spiral Mind

Spiral Mind

A brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery!

Follow the crazy journey of my debut novel and Sherlock’s most impossible case in my blog!

Now I’m sitting here writing the first blog post, who else should I think of but good old John Watson doing the same. It’s definitely tricky coming up with a beginning. At least, I already have some adventures I have decided to talk about in this blog. Since most of them happened a while ago, I felt like this blog wasn’t going to be a chronological diary sort of thing, but more a collection of stories, tips, lessons learnt, memories, reviews and inspiration – in short, a scrapbook. Scrapbooks are fascinating things, despite John’s vehement insistence on his casebook not being a scrapbook. Well, I insist mine is, and I am proud of it. I once started making a scrapbook with all sorts of little items, bits of packaging, tickets, photos, pressed flowers and such like. This was on my Erasmus year, and I cannot excuse the amount of stickers, ribbons, glitter pens and other craft supplies I bought for it. Either way, it only made it through epiphany term after I had returned home and has since been awaiting my attention for Easter term of that year. It’s a shame really. I’ll try to do better this time. Hope you enjoy!

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