This section features my humble dabblings in student journalism, reviewing in particular, and not, as you might expect, reviews of my works (simply because there are not very many yet). If you are looking for reviews on my works, I have linked them by the works in question.

Literature Reviews

Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile Portico Prize Short List Review:

‘a clear, unflinching description, which interests, repels, endears and enrages.’

Palatinate, Literature Section

Shrines of Upper Austria Review:

‘Power’s collection is especially gripping in those poems and vignettes which contain social issues and close observations of how Austrian culture deals with them.’

The Bubble. Literature Section

Doppelgänger Review:

‘Doppelgänger illuminates the margins of life which we take for granted but never look into, and exposes the wisdom hidden in every corner of every day.’

The Bubble, Literature Section

Film Reviews

Paddington 2 Review:

‘This is what the film celebrates, the world view that everything is going to be fine if you are polite and respectful, and while this is a wonderful hope to give to children, it is also an important hope to recall for adults in the middle of our world’s turmoil.’

The Bubble, Film Section

Peter Rabbit Review:

‘Despite the obvious differences and updated plot devices, the overall storyline and the integrity of Peter’s rascal personality largely carry the spirit of the original.’

The Bubble, Film Section

TV Reviews

BBC Gunpowder Initial Review:

BBC Gunpowder Final Review:

‘BBC Gunpowder is told in powerful pictures, innovative lighting and thrilling silence, and in my opinion, not only does justice to the reality behind it, but can inspire us to think about our reality as well. More can hardly be asked of a historical drama.’

The Bubble, Television Section

Theatre Reviews

Durham Student Theatre – An Ideal Husband Review:

‘The latest production by Durham University Classical Theatre created a fair balance between the two opposites by peppering the performance with a delightful range of ironic expressions or gestures on the one hand and desperately delivered lines of misery on the other.’

Palatinate, Stage Section